Romanian PSL 2018 Import by Century Arms 7.62x54r

Romanian PSL 2018 Import by Century Arms 7.62x54r


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The Puşcă Semiautomată cu Lunetă model 1974, or PSL for short, is an interesting piece of AK history. Made in Romania and imported by Century Arms, it was made for the Romanian military to fill the need of a designated marksman rifle. Although it shares a resemblance to the SVD Dragonuv, it is more of an up-scaled AK variant.

The PSL-54C features a 24.5″ barrel which is chrome lined and chambered in 7.62x54mmR.  Rather than using an SVD Dragonuv style of operation, the PSL-54C retains the same action as the AK-47 with a long stroke gas piston.

It’s front trunnion is reinforced with an RPK-style bulged trunnion due to the more powerful 7.62x54mmR cartridge. The PSL-54C comes with wood thumbhole furniture with a stock that has an integrated cheek riser (non adjustable).

This PSL-54C is new production and will come with a Wolf PO 4×24 Optic. This optic does not have a matching serial number. Comes with 1, 10 round magazine.

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