Sionyx Aurora Sport Color Night Vision Camera

Sionyx Aurora Sport Color Night Vision Camera


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The SIONYX Aurora Sport is our most affordable color digital night vision camera in the lineup. The Sport is popular with recreational boaters and also Airsofters / Mil-Sim enthusiasts. For Boaters – add a new level of safety when navigating at night, by using the camera’s internal wireless connection to stream night vision to your favorite Apple or Android Tablet (or phone) at your helm station. Whether you’re heading out early in the morning to get first catch, or navigating back home late at night, add the Aurora Sport and gain confidence when boating in the dark.

For Airsoft / Mil-Sim – add Aurora Sport to your dovetail helmet mount for flip-down NOD capability and use two cameras for Night Vision Goggles / Night Vision Binoculars functionality.


  • Aurora Sport color night vision camera
  • 1 camera battery
  • USB charge/data cable


  • Near moonless starlight night vision
  • Water resistant (IP67)
  • Handheld or mountable using a RAM mount
  • Wirelessly stream to a smart device via the SIONYX app

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 20 × 6 in


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