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Receiving an incoming firearm. Send FFL requests to ffl@thewichitagunclub.com

Once you have selected and purchased a firearm from another dealer or source (Palmetto, GunBroker, GrabAGun, Buds, etc.), you or the seller will need to have the entity that is shipping the weapon reach out to us to request a copy of our FFL and license information. We DO NOT release our FFL information to the general public, therefore whoever is shipping the firearm will also need to provide us with a copy of their FFL information. It is our store policy (not federal law) that we will ONLY receive serialized items that are shipped from FFL holders, NOT private individuals.

Because YOU purchased the firearm, it is YOUR responsibility to make any needed arrangements with the seller and/or shipping entity to contact us. We DO NOT contact sellers or shipping entities to make arrangements for the transfer of YOUR item. Please do not contact us to demand that we send our FFL information to a seller, instead contact the entity that took your money and charged you for shipping and “handling”, and demand that THEY send their FFL to ffl@thewichitagunclub.com while requesting a copy of our FFL information. We then, and only then, will respond with a copy of our information.

“But it says on the GunBroker site that you are supposed to send your information first…”. GunBroker (who also retains a portion of the money that you paid) does not have jurisdiction over our store. They do not dictate our store policy, guidelines or rules. In fact, we feel that it is unfair for them to accommodate the sale of a weapon and then impose their will over a third party that was not previously involved in the transaction.  In some cases, GunBroker is asking us to send a copy of our FFL to a member of the general public who does not have their own FFL. A firearms license number is similar to a driver’s license number or social security number; this is not something you want just anyone to have access to. We have actually had private individuals try to use a commercial FFL that they had no right to, in an attempt to send a firearm to us. This is considered an unlawful transfer of a firearm and could be charged as a felony offense. We would prefer not to be implicated in this type of activity.

You should typically be provided with tracking information for your firearm after it has been shipped. Once you receive a notification from the carrier and/or shipping entity that your item has arrived at our location, that DOES NOT mean that your item is ready to be picked up at our store. When any firearm is delivered to our facility, it has to be checked in to our system before we can transfer it over to you. This IS federal law. Depending on how busy we are on any given day, this process can take up to 24 hours. Please be patient, we will contact you as soon as the item has been checked in and is actually ready for you to pick up. You will be required to complete and pass the ATF and FBI Federal Firearms Acquisition Background Check, Form 4473 in our store, before finally receiving your item.

Transfer fees for all non-NFA items is $25.00 per item.  If you have a valid Kansas Concealed Carry License, the transfer fee for all non-NFA items is $20 per item.  We only accept cash for transfers.

Transfer fees for all NFA items is $100.00.

It is not legally possible to perform a background check prior to having the actual item in hand.

If you select The Wichita Gun Club as your preferred dealer from the Silencer Shop website, any purchases sent to our store are exempt of transfer fees.