Gun Safety Tips from a 9 Year Old

Gun Safety Tips from a 9 Year Old
October 24, 2013 Jess

So I mentioned that I needed some new articles for the blog on my website but I just don’t have the time to write blog posts and work full time and run the shop when I am not at my police job.  I know lots of whining.  So while I am sitting on my pity pot, my awesome son grabs a legal pad and goes and writes a little essay on gun safety.  I typed it up for him and corrected the spelling but the rest of the article, all of it is his.  Man I love that kid….

It is Important for young Kids to Shoot.

They can shoot for fun.  I’m 9 I shoot for fun a lot.  I have fun shooting but I shoot to practice if my Dad is hurt and can’t shoot I need to help myself and my Dad.

You don’t need to tell them how to shoot a pistol they could hurt himself.  I shoot a M4 it has no kick.  But you need to know to treat all guns as if they are loaded, never let the muzzle of a gun point at anything you don’t want to kill.

Keep your finger off the trigger accept if you want to shoot it.  Be absolutely sure of your target, and what is behind it.  For a lot of reasons like a gun could be loaded but you don’t know it you could turn around and something could come out .

Kids should know how to shoot guns safely.




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  1. Aspen 9 years ago

    This is AWSOME! Great job!

  2. Eric/ 9 years ago

    Very impressive for a 9 year old. He is more than welcome to shoot any of my guns!

  3. Michael Robinson 5 years ago

    I like the simple information you have shared here on gun safety. One thing that I liked was that you should keep your finger off the trigger except if you are planning on shooting. My son is turning 9 years old, and I think that it would be really fun to take him out shooting. Thanks again!

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